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Jaelen Strong Jersey

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The Jacksonville Jaguars offense was very Jaelen Strong Jersey , very bad throughout the year — especially in the fourth quarter over the final four games of the 2018 NFL season — but the defense... well, it wasn’t bad!We already graded the offense, now let’s grade the defense!Alfie Crow (@AlfieBCC)Even with the offense being abysmal seemed to still play well enough to keep the Jaguars in games for a point, even winning nearly two of them. They showed enough that you should be confident in a top-five defense in 2019, even with the expected cuts.Grade: B+Ryan Day (@ryaneatscake)Aside from the meltdown in Nashville, the defense is a big reason any of the remaining four games was close — and the reason they pulled out a win against the Miami Dolphins. They played well enough to win three of four games with even an average offense and that’s... pretty good in my book. Not enough for an A (of course) but it was a strong showing with the offense playing like the worst unit in the league.Grade: BJon Kirland (@BCBCouch)The quarter started out pretty bad, with the defense being treated like little kids in a father-son backyard football game at Tennessee. However, they mostly bounced back well and played winning football for the final three games of the season. Unfortunately, as has been the case all season, the offense could barely amass first downs let alone points to help the cause. Calais Campbell, Yannick Nagkoue, and Myles Jack all had strong finishes the final four weeks, in my opinion.Grade: B-Ryan O’Bleness (@ryanobleness)Outside of the Tennessee game — where the Jaguars literally couldn’t tackle a soul -- the defense actually played pretty well in the final stretch. The Jags gave up 18.25 points per game during that stretch, which is already good, but if you throw out the Titans game as an outlier the Jaguars only gave up 13.3 points per game in the final three contests. The Houston game wasn’t the greatest, but the Jaguars still held the Texans below their season scoring and total yardage average. The Jags also held the Dolphins and Redskins to one touchdown each. But the Titans game alone knocks them down a few pegs, so B- for me. Looking at the full season view, the unit kind of disappointed. While statistically strong in terms of yardage and points allowed in 2018, the defense just didn’t get sacks, cause turnovers or make big plays this season, and it wasn’t able to carry the team like it was able to last year. Grade: B-Brian Fullford (@iambwf)The defense is talented. The defense has athletes. The sum is greater than its parts. Well, save Calais Campbell, Jalen Ramsey and Yannick Ngakoue. There is a serious maturity problem on this side of the ball. Telvin Smith has exhibited a “me first” attitude and, frankly, I’m done with him. Myles Jack still plays undisciplined and isn’t suited for the middle linebacker position. The defensive backs seemed to be playing out of synch. That being said, the front four is solid, and in spite of the issues with the back seven, if the offense was worth a damn this team would have gone 4-0 to end the season.Grade: BFilip Prus (@JaxonFil)Defense showed up again, including winning them a meaningless week 16 game against the Dolphins that hindered their draft position. The secondary improved with Ronnie Harrison taking over for Barry Church at strong safety Donte Moncrief Color Rush Jersey , and Calais Campbell and Yannick Ngakoue played some of their best football of the year in the final quarter. Even Taven Bryan showed some evidence of starting to convert his first step quickness to power and penetrate from the three-technique position. If it wasn’t for allowing Derrick Henry to have their way with them in Tennessee, this unit could be on the cusp of a B+/A- grade in the fourth quarter. We could see a bit of a fire sale on the defensive side this offseason as the team looks to purge cap space, but the defense is in good shape.Grade: B- The Jacksonville Jaguars have an abundance of options at the top of the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. Will they pick an offensive lineman with the No. 7 overall pick? What about a game..."The Jacksonville Jaguars have an abundance of options at the top of the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. Will they pick an offensive lineman with the No. 7 overall pick? What about a game changing tight end? A (*gulp*) quarterback?We’re less than 12 hours away from the NFL Draft kicking off and we have two questions for you:“Who should the Jaguars draft in the first round?”Alfie Crow (@AlfieBCC)The top of half the 2019 NFL Draft is loaded with defensive line talent and the Jaguars should pluck one of those players if they fall in their lap. The defense is going to be what gets the team wins more often than not in 2019 and they could use added rotational depth with an eye to the future as a starter.The pick: Ed OliverRyan Day (@ryaneatscake)Without knowing who will be there, I’ll say that this Jaguars team is going to be carried once again by its defense. Why not make it even better? Nick Foles isn’t great, but he’s an upgrade over Blake Bortles. Now go get the best defensive lineman available. If Ed Oliver is still there (and I think he will be) he should be the pick.The pick: Ed OliverJon Kirland (@BCBCouch)I think the Jags find a dance partner for the first time since 2007, and indeed trade down into the 11 to 15 area. They take the Clemson defensive lineman, who has been lost in the shuffle of Jonah Williams and Ed Oliver, but is a premium player himself.The pick: Ed OliverRyan O’Bleness (@ryanobleness)I know this is a top-heavy defensive draft, and I understand that a rotational pass-rusher is important, but drafting a backup player is a luxury the Jaguars cannot afford. Outside of maybe the two safety positions, there are no question marks on the Jaguars defense. On the offensive side of the ball, there are holes at tight end, offensive tackle and wide receiver. Say what you want about drafting tight ends too early, but I think T.J. Hockenson should be the pick. He is the most pro-ready tight end in this year’s class and has Pro Bowl level potential. Why not get Nick Foles a legitimate weapon, while also helping Leonard Fournette in the run game? The pick: T.J. HockensonBrian Fullford (@iambwf)By paying Nick Foles to replace Blake Bortles Calais Campbell Jersey , this team has committed to focusing more on the passing game. As such, Foles must have weapons to be successful. T. J. Hockenson not only gives Foles a target in the passing game, but he is also valuable as a blocking TE. He is a value pick at seven? No, but if the Jaguars can’t move down then I would like them to enhance the team’s lack of playmaker within the receiving corps. For some time I’ve been a fan of either Hockenson or Houston’s Ed Oliver, and at this point I would be fine with either one of them, but I have leaned back to T.J.The pick: T.J. HockensonFilip Prus (@JaxonFil)Realistically, Jonah Williams is probably my favorite pick if they stay put at 7, but wouldn’t be distraught if they took T.J. Hockenson. Williams has been described as “special” by former Alabama offensive line coach Brent Key, who has a close relationship with Doug Marrone from their time playing together at Georgia Tech. Williams implored his parents to build a gym in their Atlanta home at the age of 12 so he can get big and strong and play like his childhood idol, Joe Thomas, who also had shorter arms than the ideal preference and still ended up pretty okay. Former Bengals offensive line coach Paul Alexander has worked with Williams this offseason and has tabbed Williams as the most mature, psych ready player he’s met since Andrew Whitworth and called him a “foundation piece” for an offense. Williams was a Freshman All-American at right tackle playing opposite… you guessed it, Cam Robinson. With the enormous emphasis the Jaguars front office has placed on durability and injecting the locker room with “culture changers,” Williams is the ideal fit and gives them a scenario where he can also move inside in the future if Will Richardson develops into the guy they thought they drafted at right tackle.The pick: Jonah WilliamsJimmy Siettmann (@J_Siettmann)If all goes right, I want the Jaguars to pick Ed Oliver if he is available. In my opinion https://www.jaguarsfanstore.com/Blake-Bortles-Jersey , he is one of the few players in this draft who possesses elite talent. He was in the spotlight for a long time at Houston, and his game was picked apart because of it. That, plus him playing out of position in his junior year have made people question his game. Oliver can flat out play though, and I think he will be a difference maker from day one.The pick: Ed Oliver“Who will the Jaguars draft in the first round?”Alfie Crow (@AlfieBCC)It will probably be the boring pick and be an offensive tackle. I don’t think it will be Jawaan Taylor however, as it feels like that is the player the team has wanted everyone to think they will be picking. I also think they’ll move away from being run heavy.The pick: Jonah WilliamsRyan Day (@ryaneatscake)It’s an offensive tackle. The right tackle position needs improvement and Will Richardson is a big gamble. I think it’s Alabama’s Jonah Williams.The pick: Jonah WilliamsJon Kirland (@BCBCouch)I think the Jags find a dance partner for the first time since 2007, and indeed trade down into the 11-15 area. They take the Clemson defensive lineman, who has been lost in the shuffle of Williams/Oliver, but is a premium player himself.The pick: Christian WilkinsRyan O’Bleness (@ryanobleness)While I think Jacksonville needs to covet an offensive player, I am sure they will go defensive line because Jaguars. I’d of course be happy with one of the premier defensive linemen, but most of those guys will be gone already. However, if Ed Oliver is still there, I think the Jaguars would have a hard time passing on him (or they will trade back as somebody will want Oliver here). While Taven Bryan, Abry Jones and Marcell Dareus are all on the roster, Oliver can fill the three-technique void left by Malik Jackson and the Jaguars will have a strong rotation. The pick: Ed OliverBrian Fullford (@iambwf)I do not like taking an OT at seven. The drop off in round one talent is not that steep, and I see value at the top of the second round. My feeling is the Jaguars will successfully trade back A.J. Bouye Color Rush Jersey , but that is not an answer allowed by the question. I would not be shocked if they took at OT, and if so I would expect it to be Alabama’s Jonah Williams over Florida’s Jawaan Taylor. That said, I actually see them going defense. If Ed Oliver is on the board, and they cannot trade back, adding him to the depth, and eventually a replacement to the aging parts on the defensive line, he is the pick. While I don’t expect him to be available at seven, if LSU’s Devin White is still on the board that may give them pause, and if selected might give insight into how they feel about Telvin Smith.The pick: Jonah WilliamsFilip Prus (@JaxonFil)I think the Jaguars will *gasp* trade down this year. Moving down to 14-15 still gives them a slew of solid prospects like Noah Fant, Brian Burns, Christian Wilkins, Andre Dillard and likely give them an extra second and third rounder to continue to compile weapons for Nick Foles or use as trade ammunition to move back up into round one. If they can’t find a suitable dance partner and are forced to make the pick, I expect it to be Williams.The pick: Jonah WilliamsJimmy Siettmann (@J_Siettmann)I think the Jaguars will select Jonah Williams with the 7th overall pick. Their need for a right tackle, and Coughlin’s in the trenches approach will lead them to taking Williams on draft night. The pick: Jonah WilliamsWhat do you think? Got any predictions? Who should the Jaguars take and who
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