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Most multi-site companies have linked their computer systems over an IP wide area network (WAN). VoIP technology uses this network to carry voice calls. Companies can install specialized IP phone systems, or IP gateways such as VegaStream to connect existing phone equipment to the WAN. This removes the call charges and, equally significantly, the rental charges on the telephone lines.

1b. Using and Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP)

ITSP's use IP transmission in their own networks to by-pass the wholesale charges made by the incumbent telephone company. This by-pass occurs as the customer is connected to the ITSP's switch via an Internet circuit Cheap Nike Presto Womens , as opposed to multiple telephone lines to the incumbent phone company's switch. The ITSP will use the Internet to by-pass the long distance and international charges. For example, an ITSP's customer's international call will be carried on the IP network from the point of origin to a break outpoint in a foreign country. The ITSP will incur its capital costs of the IP infrastructure and only the wholesale charge for the foreign national leg of the call. Previously, the service provider would have to pay charges to the local phone company, an international carrier and the foreign carrier. The net result is long distance and international call charges from an ITSP are significantly lower than traditional phone companies.

Again Cheap Nike Air Presto , a company can connect its existing telephone equipment to an ITSP using VegaStream gateways. Despite deploying this new technology, for all intents and purposes, the company uses its phones as it always has done, but simply benefits from significantly reduced costs.

These reduced call costs are of course available to companies that implement a fully converged VoIP solution using IP phones or 'soft phones? on their PCs or PDAs. A gateway is essential in this scenario to allow calls to be made between the company's VoIP system and its customer Cheap Nike Presto , suppliers and partners who still use traditional telephone systems.

A company that decides to follow this route to full VoIP implementation (as one day we all will) can accrue other benefits as follows:
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