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incidents.The most recent edition

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USA coach Pubudu Dassanayake has praised his side for bouncing back after two losses at the end of the group stage to claim the WCL Division Four title last Saturday in Los Angeles and believes that USA will be one of the teams promoted from the Division Three tournament, due to be held in Uganda next year.I took this job to take in that challenge that I want to win tournaments, Dassanayake told ESPNcricinfo. I wouldnt have settled for runner-up in the final. The first five games in the league round, I was not that happy the way we fielded and some of the things that happened on the field. We had long, long chats in team meetings.In the final, when I saw everybody putting that extra effort on the field doing the small things right to win the game, that was the number one moment for me. As a coach, when you set up a plan and the whole team is buying into it and doing that thing on the field, thats a fantastic feeling. So a lot of credit to the boys and Im very happy how things went in the final.USA beat Oman by 13 runs in the tournament final, their second win of the tournament against a side that had made a splash at the World T20 earlier this year. In the league stage, USA beat Oman by eight wickets with more than 20 overs to spare but Dassanayake felt the win in the final was more impressive.Having opted to bat first, USA were 5 for 3 before fighting their way to 208. They went on to defend their total in the absence of two injured frontline bowlers, Ali Khan and Danial Ahmed. Khans replacement, Jessy Singh, was named Man of the Match for his 3 for 29 and 37 not out at No. 10, while Ahmeds spin fill-in Prashanth Nair contributed a key spell of 1 for 37.Im very happy how especially Prashanth and Jessy performed because they were a few of the guys who really put a lot of hard work in training, Dassanayake said. They stayed behind after the Auty Cup and worked hard, not only batting and bowling but fitness. I was kind of uncomfortable leaving those guys out when the big names came back into the team but its fantastic that they got the opportunity and proved they belonged in the final XI. As a coach, you cant ask for better when you see people work hard and then come in and perform.I keep saying that USA has one of the best fast-bowling units. Even some of the guys who didnt make the 14, they are good enough coming into any of these Associate teams. So we are lucky to have that but its good to have the competition. Thats how you lift up the level of the game. Everyone understands if you work hard and do things right, you can find a place in the team. Thats how I want to see this team growing. Theres a lot of examples and a lot of competition within the team and thats a good sign for us moving into Division Three.Dassanayake was also pleased with how USAs captain Steven Taylors leadership progressed over the course of the tournament. Taylor turned 23 on Wednesday and was the youngest player in USAs squad though he has played for the side since 2010. Dassanayake said there are still some growing pains to work through but he was happy with how Taylor learned from mistakes. Overall Im very happy how Steven performed from the bat, ball and as a captain, Dassanayake said. This is his first tour as a captain and there were downs as well during this tournament but for a leader its all about taking gambles and you stand for your decisions. Hes a character like that and I think hes going to be a top captain in the coming days.Lots of credit for him also winning the final defending 209, getting the bowlers and field settings right, keeping the team together. Some of those things didnt happen in the beginning of the tournament but I think hes gaining knowledge in how to lead the team. Im looking forward to the future with Steven as a captain.When asked if Taylor overbowled himself compared to the specialist bowling options - his 44 overs in the league stage were the most by a USA bowler and he finished with 49 overs, second only to Timil Patel for the side, and took six wickets - Dassanayake highlighted the USA captains all-round skills and labelled him the teams top offspinner. Dassanayake said, however, that a better effort can be made to ensure specialist bowlers complete their full quota.I think the main idea is that whoever plays as a bowler, we need to get their maximum [overs] for sure, but at the same time there are situations where the left-hander comes in and hes [Taylor] our main offspinner, Dassanayake said. Even though Steven is our sixth bowler, hes come into our top bowling unit. I dont mind him sharing some overs with the main bowlers because of the quality he has as an offspinner.USA will now have approximately five to six months to prepare for WCL Division Three, which according to sources is likely to be held in April or May of 2017. Along with Oman and Uganda, USA will take on Canada, Singapore and Malaysia in the hopes of securing another top-two finish and a promotion to Division Two.The side had three prior cracks at advancing from Division Three - in 2011, 2013 and 2014 - and failed on each occasion with the first and last attempts resulting in relegation back to Division Four. Dassanayake is aware of the challenge that lies ahead of the USA squad is confident that he can lead a change in fortunes.Those four teams, and including Oman and USA, they all have played lots of cricket in Division Three and even some teams in Division Two and One, Dassanayake said. So I dont think we can relax for any of these games.But the confidence that I have, especially seeing the team in the final and the quality of cricket we played, fixing a few issues in the batting order and maybe in the bowling department also, I think well be one of the teams going into Division Two from Division Three. I have that confidence but at the same time we have a good six months to sort out things that need to be corrected. I think this team will go into Division Three with lots of confidence to move into Division Two. Laken Tomlinson Super Bowl Jersey . In Europe, top teams seem to be largely happy with their squads after spending nearly $1 billion in the off-season. And although English league clubs are unlikely to splash cash in January, Arsenal and Chelsea could be tempted to strengthen their squads with new strikers. Raheem Mostert Super Bowl Jersey . Thats about all he can do right now, so hes trying not to think about when he might be able to play again for the Los Angeles Lakers. . President of baseball operations Larry Beinfest was fired Friday after 12 years with the Marlins. The move came as the team neared the end of its third consecutive last-place season in the NL East. Garrett Celek Super Bowl Jersey . Emery skated the length of the ice and fought an unwilling Holtby during the third period of the Flyers 7-0 loss Friday night in Philadelphia. He was given 29 penalty minutes, including a game misconduct. But Emery did not face even a disciplinary hearing with NHL senior vice president of player safety Brendan Shanahan because rules 46. Emmanuel Sanders Super Bowl Jersey . Soukalova missed only one target and completed the 15-kilometre course in 40 minutes, 32.6 seconds for both victories in this seasons individual discipline. Darya Domracheva of Belarus was second, 34. NEW YORK -- For the last five years, the top rules experts in golf have come together from around the world to study a jigsaw puzzle.Thats what Thomas Pagel of the USGA refers to as the book more commonly known as the Rules of Golf.The purpose of these private meetings essentially is to break up the puzzle and start over so the rules make more sense, without losing sight of the tradition or ethos of a game with six centuries behind it. Sessions can last at least eight hours. The singular goal is to make the rules less complicated.It has not been easy.Everyone wants the game to be simple, but its a complex game, Pagel, the USGAs senior director of rules, said in an interview at the Olympics. You have a little white ball that can and will go anywhere, and the rules try to handle all those situations. Theres always going to be a level of complexity. But how can we modernize the rules so theyre easier to understand and easier to apply so golfers can play confidently that they at least understand the basics?The group is closing in on its first draft.Pagel declined to give a timetable, though USGA executive director Mike Davis said it could be released next year. A modern set of rules is still years away. The development was welcomed by top players who have loads of experience and still cant confidently handle a rules issue without calling an official.Id be behind it 100 percent, Kevin Kisner said. The game is too slow, too hard and theres too many rules. I wouldnt know where to begin with how many rules there should be. I would think as minimal as possible. And we dont need all these dashes and as and bs and cs. Its too confusing.Jordan Spieth recalls getting a Rules of Golf book at a junior tournament with instructions to keep it in his bag for quick reference.I never opened it, he said.Neither did Dustin Johnson. He lost out on a chance to win the 2010 PGA Championship for grounding his club in sand that he didnt realize was a bunker. And he won the U.S. Open this year at Oakmont by playing the final seven holes without knowing if he would have to add one penalty stroke to his score.Hes not sure reading the book would have helped.The USGA sends you that rule book, but I dont think its ever made it out from the envelope to the trash can, Johnson said. There so many rules thatt dont make any sense.dddddddddddd They could make it a lot simpler and a lot better.If only it were that simple.You cant change one piece because the tentacles ... its going to break something else, he said. Its tough to handle something in isolation. So lets look at everything, step back and take the puzzle part and see where we can make improvements.The result could be the most comprehensive overhaul of the rules, which in this case might shrink the book.The first set of rules was published in 1744, but that was specific to one club. As golf grew, and the number of clubs increased, so did the rules. The Royal & Ancient took over and produced a set of rules in 1899, which the USGA adopted. The R&A and USGA issued the first joint code of rules in 1952, and there were significant changes in 1984. Not to be overlooked is the Decisions on the Rules of Golf, which amounts to a Q&A of specific incidents.The most recent edition has 1,200 decisions.I dont like the size of the book, but its one of those deals where you try to address the questions that come up, Pagel said. In the future, how can you provide guidance to committees so they can get to the correct answers without having 1,200 Q&As? And thats one of our objectives.The first draft will be made available to everyone, from recreational players to tour administrators to rules gurus. What will follow surely will be the largest comment period ever for the R&A and USGA. This is a book that impacts millions of golfers, Pagel said. They should have the opportunity to comment.And then it will be back to work on the puzzle.Pagel said five years into this project we still havent addressed everything.But we think we can do it more efficiently, perhaps change some outcomes, make them more reasonable and overall simplify the way the rules are written and look at how the rules are delivered, he said. Its still going to look like golf, feel like golf, still have the challenge of golf. Were going to make it easier for golfers to play by the rules and feel comfortable playing by the rules.Golfers want to play by the rules, he said. They just find it challenging at times for the book to allow them to do that. ' ' '
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