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, but when you talk

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Two thousand and six. Thats when Pakistan were last ranked second in Test cricket. Back then, in the English summer, under the calm command of Bob Woolmer and Inzamam-ul Haq, Pakistan cricket was powered by skill and a degree of missionary zeal - blessed, you might say, by Bob and God.But the bank of blessings emptied soon after Pakistan got to England that year. Next, a forfeited Test, Woolmers death, terrorist attacks, and spot-fixing. An unprecedented four-year spell of curses. Four years with little blessing. By 2010, Pakistan cricket was more dead than alive. It would do well to exist.In 2015, Pakistan cricket does not merely exist. They are No. 2 in the Test rankings. Perhaps the greatest second place in the history of sport?Pakistan does not merely exist. It fights. It challenges. It wins. All of this is half-miracle. Winning makes us forget the impossibility of Pakistan at No. 2. How can it be? Above the Big Three sits Pakistan, at No. 2.Pakistan do not possess wealth or facilities. The best XI may not start. The XI, whoevers XI, once pulled in misaligned directions, without common purpose or grand design. A flawed genius of a cricket team. In time the flaws grew and the genius shrivelled. Nobody seemed to care. The country was a mess. In a rotten mess nobody cares for lost genius.But something wasnt rotten in the state of Pakistan cricket. That something was the cricket boards unbroken faith in Misbah-ul Haq. Misbah, inheritor of AH Kardar and Imran Khan. Misbah, an acquired taste, a sophisticated pleasure, a captain made for the deeper thought that Test cricket demands. Misbah created a team in his image: hard to beat, patient in adversity, capable of rapid transition from defence to attack. Misbah, Pakistan crickets greatest asset in this age of slings and arrows, its last hope.Misbahs leadership developed, his team acquired strengths. The batsmen now play with method, plan to build an innings. They defend James Anderson and Stuart Broad, and attack Englands spinners. Misbah leads from the front, other than to doff his cap to Younis Khans mastery. Asad Shafiq is the chief disciple, the next middle-order champion.The bowlers deliver uncanny accuracy. Yasir Shahs magic is exceptional control and subtle variations. He is patient and consistent, unusually so for a legspinner. He seems innocuous. No such thing. He is ever-probing, attacking, even without the elaborate variety of his predecessors.Wahab Riaz, early career blighted by loose deliveries, displays impressive control and stamina, enhancing the danger of his raw pace. Ancient skills, legspin and speed, bent to Misbahs will, and to the will of Waqar Younis and his coaching team.All this requires work and commitment. As does the progress of a wicketkeeper who scoops difficult chances, swallows straightforward ones, and offers quick runs in the lower order. Sarfraz Ahmed is fundamental to the success of a team known for its keepers generosity. Application, commitment, stout defence, and sudden aggression, all features of Misbahs Pakistan, embodied in his little wicketkeeper.None of this implies perfection. Pakistans troubles in the top order are clear enough. Azhar Ali is one long-term solution. The others are less certain. A series played with Mohammad Hafeez and Shoaib Malik in the top three is a gamble. Having no batsman after the little wicketkeeper, after No. 7, is a gamble.The ageing limbs of Zulfiqar Babar, a gamble. Misbahs Pakistan gambles on the mettle of its middle order. On the discipline of its strike bowlers. On the hands of its keeper. On a surprise attack in the thick of battle. On the chance that one or two of the support acts defy the odds.Of the support acts, Malik will be gone in Test cricket. A double-hundred and vital wickets said farewell. Do these performances vindicate a wronged man? In Pakistans four-bowler model, Malik plays as a batsman. His feet entirely rooted, his bowling not entirely trusted. Even the final highs do not lead to vindication.Once, he promised much more. Once, a prince of Pakistan cricket. A true allrounder, adaptable to every format. A supreme fielder. A hero in preparation. A captain in waiting, then a captain ahead of his time. But a modified action and unmodifiable footwork put paid to any lofty ambitions. Never doing quite enough to master his flaws. Never quite convincing in front-line action after over a decade of effort. In that decade, the prince made better fortune of Sania Mirza, Princess of India, than in Test cricket.That same decade examined Hafeezs credentials. The prince and the professor joined at the hip. Offspinners with suspect actions. Batsmen with leaden footwork. Middle-order talents forced to front an innings. Minds playing a game beyond their abilities. The prince and the professor, seeking greatness, seeking a role, uncertain of their futures. Of the two, the professor succeeded, mastered his limitations, found a game to suit his talents. More determination on the front foot, less abandon outside off stump. A grit and sporadic aggression to please his captain. A method that still comes unstuck against the quickest bowlers, and will be vulnerable in England. A method, nonetheless.But as Maliks Test career finds a bittersweet ending, a last hurrah of life before death, Hafeez is surging, more formidable than ever, a surprising winner in their struggle, a painstaking professor victorious over a purring prince.Back in the day, your money was on the prince, not the bits and pieces of coursework that the professor assembled. That the professor flourishes and the prince fades is entirely consistent with Misbahs rule. Method over magnificence. Discipline over dash. Reaching No. 2 requires method and discipline.Staying there demands success overseas. At their best, Pakistan dominated England home and away, which is the next series, a forlorn eight months away. Thank you, ICC. Thank you, Big Three. Thanks for nothing. The measure of this team will be in England and West Indies. In Australia and South Africa. Yet those away series dont come round fast enough. India turns its back. How do we measure this Pakistan deprived of Test cricket?In truth, Misbahs Pakistan seem a little unready for those tussles, at venues where gambles will be busted, where the support act will struggle, where the Professors method will be exposed, where the mettle of the middle order and the discipline of strike bowlers may not be enough. But those are challenges to relish. Opportunities to learn, grow stronger. Tours that must be granted, tours being denied.For now, we celebrate the virtues of this Pakistan team, at No. 2 in the world, blessed by the dead hand and the lively mind of Misbah-ul Haq, cursed by the ICC, denied the chance to challenge for No. 1, denied the chance to assert the superiority of old virtues over new money.In 2006, the last Pakistan team to be second, the team of Bob and God, played a pragmatic, sometimes ill-disciplined, but ultimately soulless song. The team of Misbah and Waqar is equally pragmatic, more disciplined, and yet pleases the soul with the simple joy it finds in runs, wickets, and victories. Vapormax 97 Silver Bullet Cheap . Tomas Berdych and Radek Stepanek defeated Nenad Zimonjic and Ilija Bozoljac 6-2, 6-4, 7-6 (4) on the indoor hard-court at Belgrade Arena. The victory improved the Czech pairs impressive cup doubles record to 14-1. Vapormax 2019 Throwback Future . After dropping their final six games of December, the Wild opened the new calendar year with four consecutive wins. Following a loss to Colorado on Saturday, Minnesota rebounded the following night to blank Nashville 4-0, but then had the tables turned on them Tuesday. http://www.vapormaxcheapoutlet.com/clearance-vapormax-flyknit/vapormax-flyknit-light-violet.html . LOUIS -- Roman Polak was celebrating even before Alexander Steen scored the winning goal in Saturdays 4-2 win over the Carolina Hurricanes. Vapormax Plus Bleached Aqua For Sale .Y. - Nelson Mandela will be honoured by the New York Yankees with a plaque in Monument Park. Vapormax 97 Cheap . Burke is expected to miss two to three months after breaking a finger in the teams third preseason game. Tinsley, a 10-year veteran, spent the last two seasons in Utah, where the point guard averaged 3. It was tough to tell that a world title had been won. Pankaj Advani was a picture of relief following the five-hour final, having worn down defending champion Peter Gilchrist 6-3 in the World Billiards Championship (points format) in Bengaluru on Monday.The muted celebrations could probably be ascribed to the dozen-odd world titles that line Advanis cabinet - 15 to be precise, with this being his 12th billiards crown. To think he is all of 31, a towering feat by any measure.Im extremely relieved to win this title, Pankaj said, after the match. Given that Ive played very little billiards this year and winning it at home is special. Advani had lost to Sourav Kothari in the pre-quarterfinals of the long up format last week.The points format is a shorter version of the game with players needing to score 150 points to win a frame with the final being played in a best of 11 frames.Im glad Ive come through. The shorter format of the game is more or less a lottery. Of course you need the skill and ability, but certain things dont go your way and the opponent can just run away with the match. Im glad that Ive been able to use my presence of mind which has been lacking at times because I played a lot of snooker this year and very little billiards. I gave it my all.?Getting off to a good start, Advani came agonizingly close to a century break - 98 - in the opening frame before his visit was cut short by the baulk line regulation, a factor which Advani conceded bothered him even during the latter part of the match.According to the rules, when a break is anywhere between 80-100 points, a player should bring his cue ball to cross the baulk line, or the straight line on the table behind which the cue balls are usually placed at the start of the game.I had an 86 in the seventh frame and I was thinking of the baulk line. I was troubled by it a little, he said. The Karnataka Snooker and Billiards Association (KSBAA) last hosted the world billiards championship in 2008, with Advani winning the title in both the formats.ddddddddddddA welcome sight on Monday though was the packed spectators arena, at times to the chagrin of the players during crucial breaks, as they were more than occasionally distracted by movements. Gilchrist, though, later acknowledged that the crowds reminded him of similar scenes from two decades ago in India, when he played alongside Michael Ferreira.Errors were a constant with both players and Pankaj later explained that there was a lot more than what met the eye.The table was very tricky, he said, Both of us acknowledged that it was difficult. Peter found the throw of the cushion tough while for me the balls were not splitting as much. Suddenly it came back to normal later on. In India when you talk about a damp pitch everyone understands, but when you talk about bouncy tables and split being less everyone says its simple errors. ? There could have been more centuries in match, Pankaj added. I felt I did well with my 70s, 80s, 90s as well. As long as youre keeping the scoreboard ticking, youre opponent will feel the pressure.Up 4-3, Advani gave Gilchrist little wriggle room to mount any sort of a comeback. I actually applied myself a lot in the eighth frame. I said this is the frame you need to win. Once youre 5-3 up, its not easy for any player to comeback. It paid off.A challenge for Advani has been juggling between snooker and billiards - both requiring different skill sets, practice and approach. Just ahead of this tournament, he finished with bronze in the IBSF World Snooker Championship.India is set to host the next four editions of the World Billiards Championship, a heartening and much-needed impetus for the sports sagging fortunes in the country. 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